"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." ~ Kurt Cobain

The Rock n Roll Music Review

With this blog, I try to cut through the media clutter and bring you interesting and relevant editorials and reviews on rock n roll music, the genre’s artists, songs, and scenes, as it has played out through time.

This is a look at the musical revolution of sound, lifestyle, and of attitude, with a reflection that the genre affects cultural history. This music has been injected with reverberation and stylistic waves of rebellion and youthful emotion.

But where did the seeds of Elvis and Beatles come from? Does Rock and Roll have a lifespan that can be measured from Cab Calloway to U2? Let’s check it out! ~ Chip Souza, Editor


Are some musician’s appropriately named “artists”? . Yea, we think so. But maybe not.


Here we talk about cool songs, genres’ and releases, concept albums and one hitters.


Take a tour of the chronicles of Rock n Roll, then jump on the bus & go down the road.