Train Kept a Rollin’

Johnny Burnette

In 1956, Johnny Burnette and the Rock and Roll Trio recorded Train Kept a Rollin’  in a rockabilly/earlyrock and roll style. The Trio’s version of this cover song features guitar lines in what many historians consider to be the first recorded example of intentionally distorted guitar in rock music. The Trio’s guitarist, Paul Burlison, explained that he noticed the sound after accidentally dropping his amplifier, which dislodged a power tube and later, “whenever I wanted to get that sound, I’d just reach back and loosen that tube”. Originally written and recorded by Tiny Bradshaw in 1951, Train Kept a Rollin’ is about a guy who is blown away by a woman, but he has to act cool to make sure he doesn’t scare her away. The train rolling is in reference to sex, like every other great rock n roll song.